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Washable Reusable Clog Insoles
When you buy a pair of our garden clogs, chances are you'll need a set of insoles just to add that next level of comfort.
Our fantastic new upgraded insoles deliver improved comfort thanks to their moulded and thicker construction. Not only that, every pair is fully washable in any washing machine at low temperatures with your daily wash and ready for immediate use in any of our clogs.
Our garden clogs generally fit well, but insoles are perfect if you need further assistance with getting your shoes to fit better. You may have one foot slightly larger than the other, or you may suffer from a condition that means insoles are the only way of improving the fit. Regardless of your foot care requirements, our range of clog insoles are ideal for all our mens and womens garden shoes.
If you need further assistance with purchasing a pair of clogs that will fit you perfectly, give our team a call or get in touch via the live chat feature on our site. We are confident we can find the right insoles for you!
Natural Bamboo Socks
Perfect and discreet for those who like to feel nature on their feet
Our Bamboo offerings keep feet fresher for longer.
Cosy Handmade Feet
These practical slipper socks hand knitted from natural materials are ideal slippers / socks and can be worn when slipping into your clogs. Some customers may find removing the insoles a good idea to allow more space and others when buying both clogs and Cosy Handmade Feet together are advised to size up if planning on wearing these with our clogs full time.
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They take 4 hours per pair to knit,we only have 63 pairs and will commission more based on feedback from you, our loyal customers.
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