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Collection: Mens Original Clogs

Mens Waterproof Garden Clogs
The last of our Mens Original Backdoorshoes®​​

These shoes, at these prices, are soon to be completely superseded by a "Chunky Tread" version!
Looking for a pair of high quality, comfortable and lightweight outdoor shoes? Then our Backdoorshoes® men's garden clogs are for you!

Our range of men's waterproof shoes are perfect for gardening and outdoor wear.  They may look strange at first, but you’ll be amazed at the comfort and practicality of our men's garden clogs!


The clog style makes our men's shoes the perfect choice for outdoor walks or gardening where you want to ensure long lasting comfort. Their slip on and slip off design makes our waterproof garden shoes dead easy to put on and take off.

Additionally, the comfortable nature of clogs makes them excellent work shoes. Their foam construction and non-rubber materials are ideal for hospital wear and are particularly popular with medical practitioners such as nurses and surgeons. We guarantee you’ll be amazed at the comfort and practicality of our men's outdoor clogs and chances are, you won’t want to take them off!

So if you’re regularly let down by other men's outdoor shoes that simply don’t do the job, grab yourself a pair of men's Backdoorshoes® and you’ll never look back!
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