Geranium Bee Happy Balm Handmade

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Handmade using British Beeswax 100% Natural
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Geranium Bee Happy Balm Handmade

So what's a Bee Happy Balm and how is a balm different from a cream? Well, the sun is always shining when we're in a joyful mood and we know that having a positive attitude and glass half-full mentality helps in every area of our lives. There is also the old adage that behaviour breeds behaviour so make everyone else smile because you're on top of the world! Aromatherapy and the use of organic essential oils can restore emotional well-being and our geranium essential oil is great for lifting a negative mood. As well as the emotional benefits, our balms are great for the skin too. Our Bee Happy Balm is also excellent at protecting the skin from the elements and is amazing at smoothing rough patches of skin whereas a cream offers superb hydration. (Don't forget to check out our Hand Creams too). A hand balm should ideally be part of your daily hand care routine alongside a good hand cream to keep those fingers in tip top condition. After all, for most of us, our hands get a battering on a daily basis. But a balm is not just for hands - it can also be used on any areas of the skin that need attention. Banish those chapped, dry, scaly, cracked and rough patches with a soothing, nourishing and softening beeswax balm. Our award winning balms have been developed using our own unique blend of our very own beeswax, rice bran oil and olive oil to make a balm that protects but is not greasy like many balms. The organic botanical oils nourish the skin. As with all our products, there are NO mineral oils and NO lanolin in any of our balms, unlike many other brands. How to apply? Scoop a tiny amount out of the tin and simply let the waxy balm gently melt on your skin. Massage into your skin, paying particular to those rough chapped areas. For emotional well-being, melt a tiny amount onto your pulse points and take time to stop, breathe deeply and slowly whilst taking in the gentle aroma, and then smile!