Lavender Bee Calm Balm

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Handmade using British Beeswax 100% Natural
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Lavender Bee Calm Balm
Our Bee Calm Balm has been developed for the senses and emotional well-being. The gentle aroma of organic Lavender essential oil comes to life once warmed up on the skin and brings an air of calm and tranquility to a busy stressful life. Use this at night on pulse points to aid a restful night's sleep or during the day to calm nerves. As with all our balms, this is also great for chapped and rough skin on hands, knees, feet, elbows or anywhere else that requires attention. is a totally different formula to all our other balms and has a much softer texture. Our beeswax based balm is blended with Shea butter to soften and smooth the skin. The beeswax promotes suppleness and is a fabulous source of vitamin A. But the really magic ingredient is the healing Calendula oil - high in carotene, it rapidly promotes skin tissue repair. Perfect for sensitive skin. Delicately scented with lavender and grapefruit essential oils. 50ml beeswax based balm protects the skin from the elements and stops trans-epidermal water loss, sealing that moisture in. The rice bran oil is the classic anti-ageing ingredient due to its cell renewing properties and the organic olive oil gently softens the skin keeping it supple. The lemongrass essential oil is a natural insect repellent making this balm just perfect for gardeners, those that like to play with horses, dog walkers and in fact anyone who likes the outdoors! Our bees work hard to make the raw honey and beeswax we harvest for our lovingly handcrafted skincare. Blended with the finest organic vegetable and essential oils, we never use parabens, SLS's, mineral oils, lanolin or anything which isn't natural and simply beautiful.

Code 2P-D99N-1E3N
UPC 2P-D99N-1E3N