Meadow Backdoorshoes® for Kids

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Meadow Backdoorshoes® for Kids
Meadow Backdoorshoes® - 'designed by our kids, for your kids'

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A beautiful Somerset Meadow design... Bring back the flowers! If you want your kids to share the outdoors with you, why not get them their own set of stylish garden shoes? These really are the best
 kids garden shoes, and at low prices too! Our stylish pair of childrens clogs are ideal for getting outside and just having fun - jump in puddles and squelch through mud safe in the knowledge that your kids' shoes will be just fine.

Fully washable and highly durable, these clogs may look strange at first, but we know kids love the funky clog designs that are unlike any other garden shoe on the market. We guarantee you’ll be amazed at the comfort and practicality of our children's garden shoes - chances are your kids won’t want to take them off!

Our waterproof clogs come with a secure back strap, and are available in UK sizes 11-3 or 30-35 EU.

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