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March 17, 2021 3 min read

Upcycling Ideas To Pamper Your Cat At Home!

Backdoorshoes® Blog By Jaycee Sarah Koh

Keeping your cats happy and entertained isn’t always easy or cheap! We buy them scratch posts, squeaky toys, furry plush, etc.. and they lose interest after only a few days or weeks. To be honest it is not unreasonable, as cats are pretty smart characters who know exactly what they want and like a human being, they can get tired of the same routine.

So aside from hiding their toys, having a variety of cat’s accessories or replacing their cat play station ever so often, let’s look at some cool pampering ideas that won’t burst your bank account and are easy to create especially whilst wearing your comfortable, waterproof cat backdoorshoes!

Cat Hammock

This is one of my favourites because I love my hammock and it is my go-to place to unwind with a book. A make-shift cat hammock is super easy and fast to assemble using whatever things you have at home. Things that you would need, an old bed sheet or large cloth, either use a drying rack, 2 clothes hangers, cardboard box or between furniture. You  can easily rig-up a hammock for your kitties. Kittens especially love such snug places!

Roll Up Cardboard Strips Cat Scratcher

Great idea to recycle your junk cardboard boxes from packaging and not that difficult to make either. To make this, you’ll need a craft blade and whatever strong glue you already have on hand. Draw lines on flatten cardboard about 7-10cm width lengthwise, cut them to strips then make the centre core about 10cm diameter by scoring lines to create as little gap as possible when you wind it up real tight. Apply glue as you go and just continue to roll up the strips till you have a desired size and your cat will love this new scratching pad to have a go at!

Cat Tent or Tepee

A cat tent is easily made with anything that can create a triangle stand-up prop. You can recycle drying racks, carton boxes, branches, upturned old wooden chair seats, etc.. To make it interesting, you can add a private curtain for your cat to get in and out of as they do love a sense of privacy and time on their own without anyone watching them. Great idea for their own cat time!

Tee Shirt Cat Toy

What a great way to recycle our old tee shirts! Easy to make and lots of ideas one can improvise to make cat toys with. You’d need scissors, needle and thread plus some fun imagination of what your cat will like. Simplest toy is to combine a few colourful strips and just tie a knot in the middle! You can also do braided strips hanging from a post or create a tassel that you can attach to an old toy which may create a new sense of interest in an otherwise redundant toy!

Old Sock Catnip Ball

Repurpose your old socks! Just scrunch up some old bits of fabric, add some catnip in it and tie a knot to create a ball at the end. Your cat will enjoy hours of contented bliss just cuddling this new toy!

Suitcase Bed

Time to have a change of bed? Grab those old overnighter suitcases and upcycle them into your cat’s new bed! It’s so trendy and posh that your cat won’t be able to resist it especially if you have a soft nice pillow inside with their favourite toys and blanket. Either remove the suitcase lid or have it propped up with some sturdy sticks. If you feel adventurous, you can add some tee shirt repurposed tassels over the top suitcase cover for some fun times that your cat can enjoy batting at!

Treat Puzzle

Who doesn’t like a treat? Don’t throw those egg boxes, ice cube trays or fruit cardboard trays away next time and keep them to create some stimulating fun for your cat. They do like a challenge of sniffing out their food, to forage, prowl, prod and be their natural hunter self! 

Toilet Roll Toys

One of the easiest and most versatile cat toys you can make with these toilet rolls. You can string it, strip it, wrap it with sisal rope as a scratcher, hang it as a mobile toy, etc… The possibilities are endless!

While there are dozens of cool home DIY cat toys ideas online and they are so easy to make, doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket and give hours of satisfactory entertainment for your cat.  However, do be aware as you would with any toy as some cats tends to devour their toys. Heres to a happy cat wherever home is!


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