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September 21, 2020 1 min read

When the garden beckons, most gardeners don’t give much thought to the importance of footwear and nearly anything will do. It’s easy to reach for the first thing you see, which may be a pair of old slippers/trainers or even barefoot!

When you next head out with a trowel in hand, remember your feet!  They will have a much easier time if you have the correct footwear. Get yourself a good quality pair of gardening shoes, before you buy them, consider the following foot-friendly tips:

  • Comfort and fit: Footwear needs to fit correctly, and you’re less likely to get blisters at the end of a day of digging. When your feet are comfortable, you are comfortable.  Backdoorshoes, for example, are designed with comfort in mind.
  • Easy off, easy on: Tie-up shoes can sometimes be a hassle but fine if that’s what you prefer, however, shoes that slip on and off are so much easier – especially when you just need to nip out to hang out the washing, water the plants.
  • Safety in the garden: Sturdy garden shoes that provide support and keep your feet clean, dry and protected are worthwhile. Considering looking for footwear that won’t slip and slide when you’re in the garden.
  • Easy to clean: There’s no way around it; garden shoes get muddy. When you choose a pair of garden shoes, try to get a pair that are waterproof and easy to clean.  Ideally ones that have washable insoles.
  • Looks: Consider a pair of clogs that will brighten up your day, whether it is sunflowers/meadow/chillis/dogs or many other designs.  Backdoorshoes, have a great range of products available online.