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We've got it covered! 

Orthotics, sometimes called shoe inserts are devices placed inside shoes to restore the biometric balance to your legs and feet.

They realign posture.

Whilst there is a fun side to our practical backdoorshoes, there is also a very big benefit in that our shoes are amongst very few slip on options which can accommodate orthotics easily hence enabling our customers who use orthotics to have a slip on option at their door.

Whether you are using custom made orthotics or buying them over the counter be confident that our uniquely moulded shoes can accommodate them.

Simply, remove our insoles supplied and replace with your own. 

Some of our customers claim to have benefitted from wearing our moulded shoes even without orthotics.

You may benefit if you have any of the following symptoms:

* Uneven wearing of your soles

* Feet pointing inwards or outwards

* Frequent,heel,foot,ankle,hip,knee or lower back pain

* Pain in shins

* Crooked toes

* Pain in feet when standing even for a few minutes