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September 21, 2020 2 min read

It’s a well-known fact that the British weather can be changeable at the best of times, especially in autumn when a heavy shower is always somewhere on the horizon. Chances are you’ll need to dust off your waterproof garden shoes and throw on your raincoat whenever you venture outside.

Maintaining a garden in these conditions can be challenging, but the presence of a bit of rain can sometimes make your life easier. Don’t believe us? Here’s how you can stay positive and enjoy gardening in the rain.

First of all, always bear in mind that your garden needs rain! All your plants and especially your lawn need a good watering every now and then to stay looking their best so don’t look unfavourably on a little shower here and there. If there are severe downpours, obviously it makes sense to wait until the rain has stopped, chuck on your waterproofs and garden shoes and then head outside.

You can also take this opportunity to improve your garden thanks to the rain. Weeds like dandelions and thistles will be easier to remove in the damp soil, meaning you’re more likely to pull the taproot out whole and therefore prevent regrowth. Also, if you grow your own vegetables, any lettuce you have will be at its juiciest because of the cooler conditions and moist soil.

Bad weather also gives you the opportunity to chuck on some grubby clothes, maybe a warm hat and your waterproof garden shoes to tackle your garden head on. In the damp post-shower conditions, you can show your garden some TLC – feed any plants that look like they might be struggling, re-sow anything that looks rotted and rescue any waterlogged plants from their pots.

Ultimately, a little rain here and there is good news for your garden so you should embrace it whenever possible. Our range of stylish garden shoes gives you the protection you need so you really have no excuse not to get out there and get stuck in!