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February 15, 2021 2 min read

Backdoorshoes® Blog By Jaycee Sarah Koh

Great Phone Apps For Your Nature Walk!

 Imagine having a comfortable walk round the fields or at a park nearby whilst wearing your easy slip-on Backdoorshoes® or Chelsea ‘Jumpy’ Boots and you saw an interesting flower or plant which you don’t have a name for! There are some fascinating mobile phone apps that you can download to make your walk that much more enjoyable! It is time to prepare for Spring and get some savvy app tools for it.

  1. SmartPlant

With over 20,000 plants on archive, this app is one of the best for identifying plants and dispensing information of it. Just snap a picture of a single flower or just a few leaves with your app and it will be matched to their database instantly. You can also add your searches into your collection in your account!

  1. iNaturalist

This amazing app was created by the California Academy of Sciences and National Geographic. Interestingly it function like an online social network for naturalists where you can record and share your local habitation thus adding them to their database. It is also a community where one can turn to for help in unusual findings and at the same time allows you to snap a photo from your phone via their app and you’ll get instant identification of all kinds of plants, birds and animals too. Certainly one of the most engaging app to have!

  1. Leafsnap

Another great app and which is highly notable as even the Natural History Museum in America uses it! Though as the name suggest, the plants are identified via their leaves and a true botanist’s dream as it has an extensive library reference of plants and trees.

  1. Plantsnap

Rated to be one of the most comprehensive and high-tech plant identifying app to date, they claim to be able to identify up to 90% of all known species of plants and trees on the planet. With over 600,000+ searchable database, you will have hours of fun with this app because you can collect and store your searches in your account. It also helps identifies forages plants if they are edible or otherwise like mushrooms and fungus. It also identifies poisonous or toxic plants which is helpful to know to stay away from. Truly a forager’s dream app! 

  1. Flower Checker

Very few apps just focus on flowers but this one does and on this plant identification service it might be one of the most accurate as they use the expertise of real botanists to identify your findings! Quite unusual as it is not a computer data base but real people are behind each of your queries. Their mission is to bring nature closer to people via technology while working with notable botanist and horticulture experts to help people identifying plants in their area. They also help to identify moss, lichen and even fungi!

Hope you will enjoy exploring just which phone app will work for you and do note that while most of the apps are free to download, some may require a purchase or a paid subscription.


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